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I just thought I would ask because it is a hot topic these days..

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There's no doubt in my mind that he did molest chidren...But that means nothing. The prosecution was terrible in this case. NOT ONE of the witnesses were trustworthy. Each one kept changing their story.. First it was, yes he did it, then wait no he didn't. You can't convict someone when testimonies are as questionable as that. If he was convicted, then I would have to question our system..You can't convict someone just because they're a freak. It comes down to the prosecution not strong enough to handle this case.


Agreed the prosecution prenseted this case poorly.. but i must say that the star struck California Jury needs a smack in the face.. one by one..

4 on jury MET MJ at his ranch.. if thats not conflict of interest I don't know what is..

Sickens me .. because this guy will doit again .. he is a sick person.. they do not know its even wrong.. they are disgusting and should be beaten with lead pipes for what they do to children.

Let me stop now because I am getting flustered that our society is this insane..


I wish that he would have gotten prosectuted, but it's just not possible with unreliable sources that can't be taken as legit...He WILL do it again, regardless of what his in-denial lawyer says.

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