Hi and sorry for posting this here, there's no good section for it so if the admin decides to take it out , I get it...

My colleagues and I have started a new company and we're looking into getting a teleconference service, line , whatever it's called.

We have looked into the last provider, but trying to seek another one and compare, the choice is huge but yet strange(you know how adds are: present everything that sound great and then when you get the bill it's 3 times what you thought it would be).

The company is based in France but we're working with a client in Japan so the whole interest would be for us to pay most of the call time (with the international part) and them only a local fee for the time on the phone. Or for both to call local numbers but for the provider to hook them up with their super service which we would pay for.

If anyone sees this post and has an idea about a good and honest enough provider I'd like their advice (for French based ones at least).

I'm not looking to put adds on this forum, so if your answers contain links I believe you best answer to me directly.

Thanks in advance anyways,