I miss you. :(

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I wish you didn't.

The Sun never sets on the empire of Oracle :)

Just wondering whether to hasten my Sun certification along or wait with the exam until after it's fully integrated into Oracle's certification program.

I guess it won't be much of a difference except the certificate would be red in colour instead of blue going by the recent changes that have occurred on sun's site. ;)

not so sure. Oracle certification is a lot more valuable (in general) than is Sun certification.
It's of course also a lot tougher (which makes it more valuable), so it really removes the incompetents who just grind their certification cheatsheets.

If it gets tougher than nothing like it because I've seen a lot of SCJPs who couldn't answer the very basic of the questions. Making it tough enough or even very tough causes very few, only the very deserving ones, pass the exam. This again adds to the value.

So overall that would be a very welcome change.

it would be, as you're quite right. SCJP tests your ability to answer multiple guess questions, not your ability to create software in Java.

I'm waiting until I graduate either way, but I'll eventually be getting that certification. I'm assuming by the end of the summer it will be transferred to oracle?

Will take time to merge all the products and departments.
I think it will be more a process of new products being released under Oracle than old ones being changed.

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