Can ne 1 tell me abt site providing free online storage space ,,,,

i hv tried but m not impressed wid it so plz tell me
other site if u kno which is better thn box.net ....


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Can you please post your questions in full English, rather than txt shorthand, as per the rules. It makes it easier for everyone, not least those for whom English is not a first language, to understand.

As a side-effect, you will probably also get more answers to your query.

There are very few good free ones as storage costs money and you get what you pay for.

yes, i do that, i use it to store my ISO images (gmail has a nice download speed, made my own personal linux mirror basically )

you can upload for free on Rapidshare. do note that you can only upload in chunks of 100Mb. but the servers are fast and well-maintained.

Gmail and rapid share are the best storage offers for me. I use rapid share the most, however gmail is pretty good also.

The best online storage I've found as yet is 4Shared. You have to register with them which is free but that's only one of many many storage sites online.

I use both free and paid online storage.

@drindran, i don't think that it would be helpful to make a recommindation like that... espicially for an abandoned post and you posting an un-helpful solution with it...

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