Hello I am a 28yr old male, and a resident of Oregon currently.
Just another nerd liking to soak up information about a bit of most everything in life.

I am running xp86pro/Karmic Koala86 on my laptop
vista64/Karmic Koala64 on my DFI NF590 soon over to Slackware.13 64

I have had computers in my life as long as I remember I could comprehend their purpose or at least intended purpose was. My older brother really inspired me towards computers he is 43ish now I believe he is the network guru for an awesome .edu in California and we don't see each other but ever let alone play a mmropg or swap a file, just busy now or so we claim. (typical American family drama) anyways back to the topic he was always sharing a lot of great things about technology that my generation plus he was born uber nerd and was ahead of his generation and I kid you not his friends were all DnD till dawn kinda guys. So just grew up with it am glad I have learned all I have on top of it all my 3-4th grade
class was the first in the whole district to get a grant approved for a flash 8 Apple 2Es even though we just played Oregon Trail but that was the 80's so it was uncommon.

First computers: commodore64 or Amiga64 whatever came first. Hmm, seems like we had a few through the years.
Then I Apple 2E(Lisa Steve?)and all kinds of different other project my brother would bring home throughout the years from school or just do for fun, tape drives, 8bit punch card, 8"floppy, radio shack comptuers/kits, lots nerd oldies but goodies. Yada, yada, nostalgic moments...

Always interested new linux distros, radio wavelengths, topography, online tech/edutainment clips/shows *go Hak5Darren! So feel free to pm me a links or point me towards interesting threads. Oh and classic emulators and old school game packs, so whoever has the Commodore64 super pack games I would love a copy! :idea:

Relii Windsong the lost bard...

hi and welcome! sounds like a similar experience with many here. i remember DnD and 8" floppies too. I first played Star Trek game on a university mainframe in 7th grade. my first computer was I believe a Sinclair Z80. ugh random EMI would knock that thing out.

anyhow, hope you're finding what you need :)