I hope I'm in the right forum to post this.

Well, I come here rarly, and whenever I do, I see cscgal online in this forum..
I mean does she have a life? Are you on the computer 16/7? :rolleyes:

I didn't post this to hurt your feelings, just curious.

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err... uummm......

Dani most certainly has a 'life'. She's currently completing some studies, looking after her Mum, and all sorts of other wonderful everyday life activities. And like most people who operate sites like this I'm sure she has at least one computer running 24/7 and logged into here. Heck, my own work PC has been logged in here 24/7 for the past 3 months!

Just because you see someone's member account showing as 'logged in' it doesn't necessarily mean that they're constantly sitting there staring at the monitor screen :)


... it doesn't necessarily mean that they're constantly sitting there staring at the monitor screen :)

Well, unless that's my account you're looking at... :mrgreen:



I am trying to get Dani to start cooking at home more too. We did do a DaniWeb Cookbook a few months ago where people shared their treats on the site. I don't know if she has put on an apron yet and got cooking or not.

She does live in New York, so I am sure there are plenty of things to do at all hours.



Thanks for reminding me about the Cookbook, Christian. I've added a recipe and stickified the thread, at least for a while. Let's see if it attracts more interest.

By the way, Dani? Did you ever learn to cook?



catweazle is right as i run a forum and i always have both my desktop and laptop logged into my forum :) 24/7 i dont spend the full 24/7 on the site but i do probably spend 15 or so ;)


Does anyone else here like prawns?

MMmmmmmm... praaaawnssss....

Actually, prawns don't have much taste, but with a hella load of soy sauce... *drools*


I just found this thread now. So I guess that alone should answer tamilblast's question! :) I actually haven't been spending as much time around here as I used to, though I still try to put in a couple of hours per day at least. Take today, for instance. I woke up, and spent the first hour or two of my day taking care of advertising invoices for the banners you see around here. I made some calls to advertisers, and then took a TV break. Then I answered a bunch of the daily e-mails I get from members. Showered, got dressed, now I'm off to Queens to help my mom out for a couple of hours. From there it's on to my University to take care of some registration paperwork. By the time that's finished, it should be early evening, at which time I plan to head home and spend a couple of hours on DaniWeb before dinner.


Looks like a busy day of the summer. It would be a shame to do nothing on a beautiful day like today (sunny 90 degrees).


Is prawn another word for shrimp?


They are a crustacean that has two pairs of pincers; most are edible. They are also much larger then regular shrimp :confused:

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