A new anime season is just round the corner; preview here.

My favorites would be:

  • Angel Beats (My type -- romance, action, harem)
  • Arakawa Under the Bridge (crazy work by Shaft)
  • Mayoi Neko Overrun (Neko-chan!)
  • Working! (Interesting Slice of life)
  • Ichiban Ushiro No Dai Maou (reminds me of ZNT)

Of course I might end up dropping one of those or picking new ones after evaluating them but the ones mentioned above have high priority.

So, what's on your list? :)

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booooooooo! Geek.
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> Mayoi Neko Overrun sounds something between Let's Meow Meow!
> and Love Hina.

I was expecting it to be more along the lines of Nyan Koi! but oh well, let's see.


I'm interested in Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Hakuouki, but these are not show...

seems like it's gonna be a horrible season...


At least Hakuouki would be aired on the 4th as per Animecalendar. I do see a lot of potential in some of the series, so no, can't tell whether this will turn out to be a horrible season without digging in. :)

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subarashiiii! domo arigato, sos-san ..
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