I'm putting my Q. here instead of the c++ board because this is not a c++ question, but rather a compiler question.

I just installed vc++ 2010 express and the first difference I noticed is that Microsoft removed the Build menu and all its options. Now there is only one Build option under Debug. I miss the Clean option under the old Build menu.

That is the only difference between the two compilers that I have noticed for a Hello World console application. I know there must be others. One link told about MFC, but that isn't an option in Express.

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Don't think I'll be installing Visual Studio 2010. I don't use C++ or C# extensively enough to make the upgrade from VS 2008 Pro an economical one.
And as I don't do development targetted specifically at Windows 7 there's no technical reason for the investment either.


I still have 2005-pro because of the costly upgrade :(
I'll be installing 2010 on my new laptop soon, so I'll let you know what I find.


Ah Ha! I found out why the Build menu was missing -- it was just hidden. Select Tools --> Setting --> Expert Settings and it will appear again.


build menu settings is now "expert" ?



The express edition is a dumbed down version aimed at homework kiddos who want to "create your own videogame in 24 hours" :(

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