i convert some opengl code from visual c++ 2006 to visual c++ 2010 i mean visual studio framework.

problem is in visual studio 10 they r running but mainloop is not working, i mean windows r supposed to wait for key input but it shows and gone at instant. no error found. i m totally confused.

is vs 2010 using special anything to run win32 app ??????????

plz help

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Could you paste the code here? Also, i guess you are referring to VS 6.0 .

These are the versions of VC++. Are you using VC++ 6.0?

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I think you may want to describe the program's use case a little better and provide the relevant code.

I don't know OpenGL, I don't do anything with graphics just yet, but it sounds like it's probably a dirty input stream. Console applications tend to behave similarly to that if you don't religiously clean them after numeric input.

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