(NYC) This weekend. I don't know what I'm going to be doing there yet, though. But it should be fun! If anyone has any non-touristy suggestions, they would be welcome.

Go to The Pink Teacup for breakfast. Fried chicken & apple fritters. So good. I don't know their new address as they've moved since I was there in October, but it was one of the best breakfasts I've ever had. Also, there's a lot of really good shopping spots near Washington Square Park & NYU. Yeah, shopping is touristy, but at least it's not Times Square shopping.

I am also going next month for spending my summer vacations. But however i wish you luck. Have fun buddy.

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We never went out for breakfast, but we did go out to some nice local places for lunch and dinner. I also tried out this place called PinkBerry that makes frozen yogurt with fresh fruit on top. It is a chain, but it was pretty delicious and there are none I know of in MD. Other than that, it was really nice out so we walked around Central Park quite a bit and went to a few touristy places. I did like the city and how many things there are to do & see, but the subway smelled like pee and in the more crowded areas it is impossible to avoid cigarette smoke which bothered me. Nightlife was pretty cool but I prefer Baltimore's (probably because I know my way around better).

edit: Really, you can't say the 4 letter version of pee?
btw for anyone who has used the DC metro, the NY subway system is 100x faster. Whoda thunk.

Yeah, the subway system does smell pretty rank most of the time. The cars don't necessarily smell any better than the stations either. The PATH station isn't too shabby, though. That's the train that goes between Jersey & NYC.

mmm...interesting, thanks for info

mmm...interesting, thanks for info


I was posting in this thread because I was bored. "Thanks for the info" seems strange to say about someone's story.

You never know. Maybe he was looking for somewhere that has good fried chicken & apple fritters.

don't mind me. i'm just trying to get to 2000.