MOUNT WASHINGTON, Pa. -- Authorities are investigating an unusual break-in at a home on Mount Washington that happened early Wednesday morning.

Michael Karanja Kamau, 33, of Cranberry Township, is accused of breaking down two doors and then crawling into bed with Frank Fontana, who lives inside the Sycamore Street home.

Fontana told police he was sleeping and felt someone get into bed with him. Fontana said he thought it was his girlfriend coming to bed, so he called out her name.

That’s when he heard a deep, male voice respond, "No, it’s not.” [more]


Ya gotta feel bad for this guy,he had nowhere to go which is really sad....

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Frank Fontana? From Murphy Brown (sorry that's the first thing I thought of when I read that)?

Wager a guess as to who's getting an alarm system as a very late holiday gift?


Yes i reckon he is! (I wonder if he did)

The guy should have laid on the couch!! (If he had to do something)

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