Well, First of all thank you for taking your time to read this.
Name - Ashvin Shet
Nickname - Ash, Shet
Height - 6'4"
Weight - Secrest [:P]
Hair - Light Brown
Eyes - Brownish'Black
Location - India
Age - 19 now, 20 on May

Hobbies - Just spending my time online, googling, meeting friends daily, touring.

Relationship Status - Single

Fav Music - Anything thats good

Education - Pursuing my Degree with a Major in Computers ( Bachelor in Computer Application )

Favorite Movies - The Book Of Eli, American Pie all Series, Stag Night, Taking of the Pehlam 123 and many more

Favorite TV Shows - Not into the TV

Favorite Computer Games - Any MMORPG's and FPS Games

Stuff I Dislike - Liars, Cheaters, Show Off, Irritating Creatures.

Well thats it about me for now

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Maybe you are at the wrong place... we didn't expect this kind of intro. Anyways welcome to the forum, enjoy your stay! :)


:P Well sorry if the intro was kinda disturbing. I was actually checking out other intro stuffs, found this interesting and used it and those all were locked. So I had to get a new one. Nice to meet all you guys

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