I am currently working on my project which involves me developing a system where order can be placed to buy sports kits. I am implementing security features like Encryption, Access control and Intrusion detection/tracking. The intrusion detection/tracking part simply has to do with knowing what each employee does, data viewed, deleted e.t.c more like a log file.

I am conducting this interview and would like to get a feed back as soon as possible. Please see questions below

1. How is Intrusion detection/tracking best implemented?
2. Can you clearly outline or define the steps involved in intrusion
3. Which of the programming platform enable you to implement
intrusion detection/tracking?
4. Can employee’s performance be affected knowing that there is
an intrusion detection/tracking that tracks everything they do?
5. Are there drawbacks in the implementation of intrusion
detection/tracking? (setback)

Thanks a lot, your participation will be highly appreciated

commented: What are u trying to detect virus, spyware, maleware +0

You have to know what u are detecting first, Virus, Adware, IP encraoach whattttttttttttttt ??????