Well, my business partner and I are internet businessmen now. Our main website went live this morning, now we "just" have to do the marketing, keep the product up to scratch, and all that good stuff.

Our company right now consists of one geek and one clown. I'm the clown. Officially, I write and edit content, deal with our affiliate partners (and customers if we ever get any), and generally do anything that requires the ability to speak English, and be awake during the day time while the geek does the rest of the stuff.

If you see any posts that would have required any technical knowledge to write, it's a fair bet that the geek wrote them.

So yeah, I'm addicted to chewing gum, in case there's some sort of random fact requirement for the introductions.

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I'd probably lose more than that because then I wouldn't eat anything else (one of the perils of working from home is being right by the fridge - *sigh*).

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