Sorry Inscissor, I couldnt approve the reason why you closed that thread. I think learning about viruses can be quite educational. If no one studied about viruses it would not have been possible to make anti-viruses. Learning to know how to create viruses or atleast discussing about viruses is no way silly. I dont expect forum users posting source codes for viruses but i do expect that they will share their knowledge on viruses. And I also dont see how can educational and intellectual discussions be illegal. It only depends on the person using the knowledge and how he is gonna use it and for what-- which is actually none of our business-- atleast not to the forum users.

I am unsure, however i think it is most likely that creating a virus is 100% legal as long as you do not actually run/distrubute it. This is infact quite pointless.

True enough, but Kids out there only want it for fun,revenge, for an example.

Anyway this kind of stuff can be best dicussed in fourms dedicated to internet security.

It's better we dont discuss that stuff here in a general C++ fourm.Virus are dangerous if the guy who copies the code does not know what the heck it does.No need to play with acid carried in a tube with both sides open.

Best Keep it closed. :rolleyes: :mrgreen: