i know that there are a lot of topics about these two things ( Alexa and the pr ) but im sure also that there alot of noobs want to know exactly what are these things. and im the first one i will always try to understand the PR nd the Alexa and i will always try to study them.

Alexa is a website that show you the page ranking of your website and the average of page viewed in many ways.
the PR really untill now im studying it because i have a online store and i want to know exactly what are the PR and how to get nice ranking in google and all these stuff.

Please ppl lets talk about these stuff in details and let this topic be an introduction for all noobs in this field so please ppl help me here and i will always add new things that i can get to help the noobs to understand these stuff so well before they start there websites.

And im so sorry if i post this thread in the bad section of the forum.

Thanx alot.

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PR and Alexa both have something very important in common - they are both ridiculously unreliable and a bad gauge of your SEO. Let's begin with PR. Google's algorithm is based on an internal PR that they secretely assign to every webpage. However, this isn't the value that they display in the Google toolbar. In fact, the PR value they display is only updated every couple of months, and even then, isn't always reflective of their internal PR algorithm.

Now to consider Alexa: alexa gets its reporting from people who use the Alexa toolbar. But those people are just a small niche representation of the Internet population. For that reason, there is a huge bias for techies and people who frequent Alexa's network (Amazon.com). All in all, it's just pretty unreliable.


thnx alot for these information ^_^

i will talk about my web site and alexa

the rank of my web page was 498,... i dont know exactly and then some ppl told me to download the alexa tool bar and try to refresh my page and make my home page my web page and i did it for maybe 15 days and now my rank is 298,... i dont know i think that if you want to get a good rank just download the alexa tool bar and refresh the web site 902384908 times lol

but about the PR untill now im trying to get more and more information about it
but asu all say that if you have a good links and alot of links to your web site you will get better rank in the search engine and i think that is true and also the information that the website includ it and how easy also the coding it will always be better for the search engines to find it. now my web site if you type in the google search oudh and perfumes you will find company online store is the first in search engine


and i dont have so many links in it but it also depend on the words the clear of the coding and all easy stuff thats what i think.

but i will also try to study the search engine more and more and also i want to study how let your buzniz get more and more and more and higher cuz that what you want from the site that you designed not the rank and these stuff . thats what i think
and cscgal thanx again and i hope all ppl who know anything just add it here please cuz there are alot of ppl need to know these stuff.

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