Sorry to clutter with another thread on this topic, but I didn't see one with the combination of conditions that pertains to my problem.

I am troubleshooting my husband's newly built computer. We have three computers in our office that access the internet without issue via a hub and cable internet. This computer is running XP SP2, which apparently came preinstalled on this new-in-box hard drive. There is no option, at least not in the usual place, to uninstall SP2. It has the latest IE and Office XP with all the updates freshly installed. This computer has not even been pressed into service yet, so it didn't have a significant amount of temp internet files or anything else. It does not yet have any antivirus software (not real happy about it being out there, but it's not my computer) and has no other firewalls but that which comes with Windows. There is Google pop-up blocker, but turning it off didn't change anything.

Windows pop-up blocking is turned off. The Windows firewall is turned on, but turning it off didn't solve the problem.

The new computer is able to access every site I've tried to go to except one in particular that he needs to use. There is nothing apparently unusual or special about the site, which comes up fine on the other two computers, including mine, which had never accessed this site before and thus couldn't possibly have been cached. This site never works on the new computer - not immediately after a reboot, not 30 minutes later - and, so I'm told, never worked on it, while all other sites I've yet tried always work. There is no logon, it is not an https site, etc. It seems an innocent auto parts vendor site:

The new computer pings the website successfully, so it's not a DNS or firewall issue. Netscape times out and cannot pull up the site on this computer either, so it's not strictly an IE issue. Hosts.ini does not have any untoward references to it. Security settings are at medium, cookies are allowed. I tried going through the Internet Options Security and Advanced tabs, even though I know that this is not a problem limited to IE. I've deleted all the cookies and internet temp files, and nothing.

I installed adaware and found nothing but a few standard-issue tracking cookies. Deleting them of course didn't do anything. Ran the scan on trendmicro and didn't find anything.

I have just spent the entire evening trying everything even reasonably applicable to our problem that I can find, to no avail. I tried the nslookup with debug and compared the output to a working computer (about a foot away) and didn't notice any differences. I have done dns flushing, have set the negative dns cache to 0, have tried the netsh reset, tried tinkering with the TLS setting, etc. Nothing has changed. Every other site still works, this one site will not work, on just this one computer.

So I have a brand-new computer that's barely been used, has no third-party AV/firewall software and never did, appears to have never harbored a virus or spyware program, can ping the address I want but won't display it either in IE or Netscape, but will display any other website I try; and I have two other computers on the same hub that show the site in question, no problem. Any ideas?

Although I can see that site just fine from here as well, I am a bit concerned when I tried telnetting into the server on port 80 and issuing a GET command to get absolutely nothing back in response. I should see some kind of HTML output, but nothing is returned back to the telnet session. Can I assume your Internet connection is NAT based - that is, each machine on your local network has a private IP address and your router does NAT translation for it?

I think dropping their webmaster an email would be a good idea at this stage as I'm not entirely convinced it's your hubby's computer that's the problem.