I am basically a greenhorn when it comes to web design and am attempting to help my boss create a better website and receive more appropriate visitors.

I can stumble around a little with HTML, but as I am not working on that part of the site, I am hungry for any information that I can find on how to optimize the website without spending too much time or money.


When you say optimize, there are indeed many factions within this aspect... Perhaps you could be more specific...
Anyway some factions to look into are:
SEO - a site which has been optimised for search engines is one which will recieve more traffic...
Image Optimisation - correct file types used for images....
Code Optimisation- using an external CSS sheet; this will help with web crawlers....
I could go on for ever here....anyway Some websites which may help you in your quest:





Thank you for the links! I'll be busy tomorrow. :D

I am somewhat limited as to what I can do with this site, as we are using a template that I have basically no control on except for content and key words and key descriptions. At this time, I don't know what else I can do, if anything.

But those three things themselves are quite important, so we're working on that.