Thanks for sharing this sad news with us Aia.
May he rest in peace.

As l am still fairly new here, l never new him, but to think he died so young and left so many people behind makes me sad, l hope his family manage to overcome this terrible event and will move on with their lives, Rest In Peace Dave...

I did not know him personally only through use this Manjefiek Daniweb IT community

I wish his family and friends much strength in these difficult days.
I want to thank DAVE for all his time and commitment to the Daniweb IT community

Condolences from Andre Jonker (Netherlands)

I didn't know him, but I had the privilege of interacting with him several times on the C/C++ forums. It was always immediately obvious that he knew what he was talking about. I really appreciated his style. He really knew how to set you straight without making you feel more stupid than necessary, a quality I admire that isn't seen often enough. I've been missing his posts, now I know why.

Dave, you will be sorely missed. Rest In Peace, my friend.

God bless u Dave Sinkula!!!!!! May ur soul rest in peace !!!

He was a devout Christian, so may the Lord bless him!

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I never had the pleasure of having online discussions with him. However I wish to give my condolences to his family and I see he will be greatly missed on Daniweb.

Dave is one of the few people online I consider a good friend. Daniweb will be far less fun now.

commented: The Famous C/C++ trio, Salem, dave and narue is no longer :( [quazh doesn't count ;)) +0

Dave is one of the few people online I consider a good friend. Daniweb will be far less fun now.

Here's a classic

Oh wow. This is so shocking. At least, now he's in a safe place with nothing but
happiness. Dave, if your listening, say hi to Jesus for me.

It is a very sad note to lose such a person in a forum. That is a huge resource that has now perished. The other pain in it is that we lost him at a time where his age and experience was almost sweetest. The whole community misses him I know. Sorry!

Oh this is sombre news indeed. I would like to add my name to the end of the long list of people who really appreciated Dave's bold presence on Daniweb; in all the time I've spent lurking around these forums, his many contributions here never ceased to feel enlightening ro me; and the world is just that little bit emptier now.

My hat off to you Dave, you will be most sorely missed!


I still have discussions with Dave in my head - I miss him. When something comes up where I know we will disagree, I explain my p.o.v. - sigh!

I read lots of Dave's posts. The community will surely miss him. R.I.P