After over a year battle with cancer, my friend Dave Sinkula passed away the 14th of April of 2010.

He continued to post in this forum and others as much as he could, even after the diagnosis. And never reflected the fact that he knew his days were counted.

He was a great programmer, and understood very well the C and C++ programming language. You could always count that he would not misguided you in the path to learn the language of coding.

His many posts will continue to help even when he will not be able to answer questions like he would. His forty snippets has been very much quoted all the time.

Dave, it was a honor that you considered me a friend. Of course, it was your trend to esteem every one as a friend.
Thank you!
Missing you already.

please correct at least the spelling of his name :(

Yes, he will indeed be missed.

Oh what sad news. We will surly miss him very much. He was one of the best contributors here at DaniWeb. Thank you for posting to let us know of that very sad event.

please correct at least the spelling of his name :(

Yes, he will indeed be missed.

It is ok if you don't undertand the extra r

The man behind the posts

Very lovely and considerate thread, Aia. Dave Sinkula was a great man, and will be sorely missed.

That is very sad news. I didn't know anything about that. Thanks for letting us know Aia.

I will miss his wit - I was wondering why our exchanges had become so infrequent. There are arguments and discussions left hanging.

My condolences to his family and friends.

I just read this thread (and the one behind the scenes) and the news has come as a shock. Dave was one of the best C-programmers I knew, and was one of the main reasons I decided to stick with Daniweb.

My thoughts go out to his family and friends.

Rest in peace Dave, you'll be missed.

R.I.P Dave, we will miss your contributions to DaniWeb and we will even miss your criticism. You were one of a kind... :-(

I never had any discussions with him, but his posts always conveyed him as a smart and genuinely good guy who enjoyed helping anyone who needed it. He will be missed.

Woah, that news came as a bit of a shock! I've had a few interesting exchanges with Dave in the past couple of years (both in the forums and via PM's etc) and learnt rather a lot from him. Dave was a great bloke, a unique character and was certainly one of the most knowledgable contributors on the C/C++ forums here.

My sincerest thoughts go out to you Aia and all the rest of Dave's close family and friends.
RIP Dave!

I'm not gonna pretend like I knew Dave. . . I didn't really. And I'm sure everyone on this forum has had a bit of bad banter with other members. . .

All in jest I'm sure. . . But this thread has really brought home the fragility of life. . . I don't know of a single person who hasn't been touched by cancer.

God damn, there are times in life where the little problems we have are eclipsed by something like this.

This indeed is a sad and shocking news. I've known Dave for quite a long time; first as someone who helped me learn C and then as a fellow moderator/senior member. He was one of the awesomest contributors of the C/C++ forums.

He was always up for political discussions and often sent me PM's regarding his views on Indian politics and other political matters which influenced India. He was a wise man who always looked out to learn something new.

He was a IRC regular and talked a lot about his family, work and the forum in general. The fact that he never mentioned his illness to me or to anyone on IRC or forums proves how strong willed & thoughtful he was.

Whenever I think of Dave, the pic of his beautiful little daughter smiling alongside of him comes in front of me. May God give strength to his family to carry on and live a life which Dave always wished for.

Dave Sinkula, you will always be missed. Rest in peace.

Your friend,




What a sad loss. I will miss him. I liked him very much, and benefited many times from his knowledge,.

I regret my getting prickly towards him in some political discussions. He was never anything but polite and just loved the debate. I wish now I was better able to see past the superficial and had better known the man, the husband, the father ... the person ... behind the screen name.

Deepest regards and sympathies to his family. Dave was well liked and widely respected.

Long time no C

Indeed. Godspeed, man.


:( Dave will definitely be very missed. I don't think that DaniWeb will be the same without him.

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I did not know Dave but it is clear he was a good man and a valuable contributor on a number of forums. My thanks to you Dave, and to his family my condolences.

I got a few replies from dave or read his reply and they always imparted some knowledge or wit. You will be missed.

My condolences to his family and friends.

I didn't know David but exchanged several political thoughts with him and read some of his comments. By the post in this thread I know David will be sorely missed. My condolences to The Family. David, from an old sailor- Fair Winds and Following Seas.

His comments are what kept me coming back - hoping he would have more to say; he kept me honest and I tried to return the favor.

I have no idea who this person is, but it is always a sad story to read that someone died of cancer. My sympathy to the many friends of this C programmer.

Thanks for the post Aia. I knew about his sickness, from 2008.
He was a verrrry sweeet and a very positive person. If i was in his place, I would have died of depression before cancer could kill me.

Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers that have helped bring me along months past the typical expectation of 9 months from diagnosis: I've beaten that. And I enjoy every extra smile from Heather, every little laugh from Angie, and all the smiles that have come to me from jokes and stories from life. Short of a miracle though -- and I'll take one if it comes along -- I probably won't be ringing in 2011 with you.

I will miss you.

RIP Dave.

Condolences to his family.
Cool that you posted this to honor him.

I don't believe I had the honor to work with him on or off daniweb, but I have seen his posts. He will be missed within the community.

His family will be in my prayers

Got a dedicated server that doesn't have 24/7 load? Put Folding@Home on it so this might be curable in the future. Didn't know Dave, but I survived a brain tumor myself and had a close friend die from one. R.I.P.

Will be really missing you.
Whenever I saw that Dave has replied to my post, it meant that my query has been solved. It's a shame that I couldn't know you better. All I know that you were a gifted programmer and a true gentleman, always polite and full of patience.
In a programmers language ~ </life>

My heart felt condolences to Dave's family and friends ..
I couldn't believe the news when I read the newsletter for this month.. I loved reading his posts in the C++ forum and still have his few words of encouragement he sent me for one of the threads...


This is really too bad; it saddens me to hear about this. While I didn't know Dave, it always saddens me to hear of someone leaving a family behind, especially at such a young age. May you rest in peace Dave.

I am sad that he will not be with us anymore. He had given me some wonderful advice and wasn't afraid to call me out if what I said was incorrect. He will be missed

No words to explain his loss. i do pray the almighty to guide his family

Now he is our lost king ............... But not from our hearts

RIP Dave..... I knew him slightly but I could tell he was a great programmer and more importantly now I know he had great spirit.
To post on this web site despite having cancer. Respect.