Google Accused of Sexism in 'Google Doodles'

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What do children's book author Beatrix Potter, painter Mary Cassatt, and artist Frida Kahlo have in common?

According to one blogger, they are the three women -- compared with 109 men -- who have been honored by having a Google logo designed for them that is used on the worldwide Google page.

"With all that feminists need to focus on achieving for women in the world – equal pay for equal rights, bodily autonomy, political representation at all levels, actual recognition of women’s humanity – why waste time on who gets a little drawing on Google?" asks Shelby Knox. "Because we’ve lived with the myth that men created the world and everything good in it for long enough. As long as men get to designate who and what in history is important, young women will continue to learn that all their sex has contributed throughout all of history is their wombs."

Google is particularly important because of how often it is used by students, Knox goes on to say.

The specialty Google logos are called Google Doodles, and Google explains their history. There is also a canonical list of Google Doodles.

Commenters to the blog suggested a number of other women scientists, world leaders, and artists whom they felt Google should consider honoring.

Women aren't alone in feeling slighted; some people, including Barry Popik (who, ironically, is a college classmate of mine) criticize Google for not having a Doodle honoring the U.S. Memorial Day. "Google has a logo “doodle” celebrating everything except what’s truly important, such as Memorial Day, or Veterans Day, or September 11th," he wrote.

While Google doesn't specify why it chooses certain holidays, it does point out "We try to be sensitive that a doodle is not the most appropriate way to recognize certain events, especially those that are more somber in nature."

People can make suggestions for Google Doodles, including their own designs, by submitting them to

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I've just had a look at the list of sites, as I was fairly sure that the UK version of Google at least had a poppy on remembrance day - and I see that in 2009, there was both a poppy in the UK & something in the US for veterans day:

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So there is. Thanks!

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Oh, fully agree, by the way, that there needs to be a better gender balance when it comes to people - it was just I'd remembered that poppy!

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