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Where would we be without the hole in the wall, that magical machine that provides us with cash whenever we need it? Where would we be without online banking, that magical system that lets us pay our bills via the Web? Customers of the HSBC bank in the UK found out over the weekend when it suffered an ATM network outage that caused them both to FAIL.

I know, being an HSBC customer myself and attempting to make a couple of bill payments on Sunday only to be met with an 'I'm Sorry Dave, I'm Afraid I Can't Do That' style message. Trouble is this was not some science fiction computer, this was a network operated by one the biggest banking groups in the world. FAIL should not be in the dictionary as far as it is concerned.

HSBC has apologised to all customers and promised that a "full investigation is currently underway" in order to find out what went wrong but that could take several weeks to complete. I cannot help but wonder if this was due to the ongoing common platform business integration process that is underway at HSBC, known as One HSBC?

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