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I've been doing an assignment thats has a lot of questions, these ones I can't find anywhere. I've told the teacher I am having trouble and he says to Google it. But after Googling them I can't find anything. So I thought asking professionals on a forum would be a good idea as it may help others looking for answers in the future. There 9 questions I have left, help with and would be much appreciated and if you could help with more than one that would be excellent! here they are: -

When creating a temporary account for a user who is going to be employed for a period of 3 months; what consideration you need to give the details of the username, password and group membership?

As a network administrator, you try to ensure all network users' files and system files are in a safe environment and in the event of a server breakdown or virus infection, little disruptions will be experienced and operations will continue as normal. How do you address this? Explain in detail.

What is the command name used to optimise system performance?

Elaborate on how does Standard Operating Environment (SOE) contribute to the healthy use of both hardware and software in a computer network environment.

List the main features of the system information.

What is a third party diagnostic tool? Name three and elaborate on one.

How should the distribution of software on computer workstations/laptops be managed?

What is the difference between an operating system and database application?

Why the exposure to the internet warrants more maintenance to be conducted on computer workstations?



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i fail to see how your refusal to pay attention in class and/or read the material somehow translates into an urgent need for me to do your schoolwork.


i fail to see how your refusal to pay attention in class and/or read the material somehow translates into an urgent need for me to do your schoolwork.

Failure to read the material? What material? that's why I am here asking, to find material. We are to find the answers on the internet. That's why whenever someone has asked for help his answer is "Google it". And I have with most of the stuff and found answers, but as I said, I am having trouble with these.


The first question you asked doesn't even require google. The question isn't about any specific software [if it is, you didn't mention it], it just requires common sense. Most of the others only require a little research and mostly common sense also. For example if you don't know what a "third party" is then look it up. Then look up what a "diagnostic tool" is. Combine the two concepts. Use your brain and think of some products that fit the definition. Write an answer.

Again, not rocket science... asking us to do your research for you is actually kind of insulting. There is a difference between not knowing what to research and being too lazy to research. You fit the second category.

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Failure to read the material?

The stuff your teacher told you to get before the start of the term, you twit.

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