Hello all,

I am working as Embedded software engineer in a small firm in pakistan. I am from Computer Scinece backgroud but now it is more then five years i am working on CHIP programming(Microcontrollers). This company was started when i joined it 5 years back since then i have done too much hardwork but may be we were on not right track. Now the company situation is bad and we have no projects to do. Boss is bit hopeful and not closing the company and paying me.

Now i am in confusion, my mind says that This filed(embedded system i.e. microcontroller programming) has no worth in market and i should switch back to my orignal filed such as software development using .net etc or web development using php etc. What is the opinion of you people should i switch my field or should i be in contact with what i am doing now and try to find good job in the same field.

Your kind opinion is required soon and i will be very greatful to you. I have also posted my cv in the resume section.

Adnan- Dani

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Hi adnanahmmad, I do understand your position and how you are feeling at the moment. I think you are in a good field and your skills are still marketable. As you know mobile technology is the thing at the moment so your skills are easily transferable. You might need more training but that should not be a problem.

You didn't say what language you use at the moment, but embeded in one language make it easy to use another language.

If you are not commited to where you are currently living, you can look at other area in the region. e.g India, europe.

If .net, php is where your interest lies then go for it - because you will not be happy. If you love what you are doing then redo your CV and the world is your oyster.

Hello.. what really interests you with regards to your career? since you said that your company is closing and is bad condition, I guess you have to find another job in the same field. You have already good experiences and background so I guess it would not be a problem for you to be considered in a new company that is related to CHIP programming. Im sure there are still a lot of offers out there. Do you consider working outside Pakistan? Im sure there are a lot of opportunities also from other countries especially on your field that is very on demand nowadays. Good luck on your venture!

Thanks for kind replyies. I have also decided to stay in this field for some more time to check if i can find job in some other good company. Becuase it is my first and only job where i stayed from last 6 years so i am looking an searching for good job.


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