As the title says, I'd like to wish all our English members (of which I'm proud to say I am one) a very happy St George's Day.

Cheers to jolly old St. George!

cheers! make celebrate..

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Thank God for that, an Englishman who's not afraid to show his colours. Us lot across your western border always wonder why you lot over there never make much of a fuss about it. Happy St. George's Day. Hope to see more of you celebrate it in future and fly YOUR flags (not those multicoloured thingies).

Although, a quick scan tells me that the Palestinian St George is also the patron saint of Aragon, Catalonia, Ethiopia, Georgia, Greece, Lithuania, Palestine (obviously), Portugal, and Russia. Phew!

So Happy St. George's Day to you too.

Thank you, Happy St George's Day :)

what? another crazed christian zealot ready to throw his life down in order to disrupt society and government?

yeah. like we don't have enough of them running around these days. no thanks.

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@ardav, I assume you are looking for more of this...
and less of this

Right on the first count. No, not the second flag, the other some people always insist on flying, you know the one with the blue triangles and white and red lines - the one that omits one of its nations!

@JP - I think that's uncalled for mate. This is probably the equivalent of your 4th of July. I wouldn't begrudge you your right to celebrate that and to be proud of your nation.

Anyway, not to sully the thread,

Dydd Sain Siorys Hapus i chi gyd.

um, St. George, if he even did anything that was said of him, surely wasn't a Brit and didn't do anything for Britain.

so tell me, why do you care?

It's like how Americans get all excited about St. Patrick -- you know, some legendary figure from 1000 years ago, who may or may not have done what is attributed to him, but who definitely had nothing to do with our country.

anyhow, say what you want about our 4th of July. not only does it have no relevance to the discussion here, I don't define my self-image on either the holiday or what other people think about it.

love you, though :)


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so why do you care?

I just like the English to be proud of being English and forget about foisting Britishness on the rest of us.

Ha. Love you too. Hugs and kisses on St. George's Day!

Isn't he the guy that slew the mighty dragon?