Back even a few years ago, people sent christmas cards. Now, including me, I have sent an e-card, happy text, or left a holiday greeting on social media communities. So what do you think? Are you a modern day happy holiday wisher or a traditionalist? Do you think that modern day wishing carries the same value as a christmas card?

Call me old-fashioned but a tangible card, even one with a pre-printed signature, would be more appreciated than an electronic message through social media. Alternatively, if a company sent out a custom designed e-mail, I think that would be better received then a social media greeting. Ultimately, it depends on the business and the customer base. Newer businesses targeting a newly established customer base could get away with it under the guise of being environmentally sensitive but it would have to be one hell of a message to not look like an after-thought. At least that is my humble opinion, I could be wrong.

It is more preferable to send a physical card that can be touch and read. More remembering.

In reality, there are a number of factors to consider when sending out real cards, e-cards, or social media messages.

The first is, are your clients mainly buying/interacting with you through your web/site or social media presence. If yes, then an e-message (e-card, social media message, etc) would be acceptable.

If you have clients that you deal with face to face or over the phone then go with something tangible that can be held like a card or a card with a little gift (this is my marketing side coming through as your more important business contacts should get something more tangible than a card and something that if you want to brand it with your company logo it is done in an unobtrusive way).

Another factor is the sum total of your clients. I have worked for companies where we had clients that bought our product and regular updates (software products) and that is all we heard from them. We had other clients who not only bought the product but relied on us for technical support year round. The final level of clients were ones that bought our products for their own use but also acted as a reseller of our products. In these three cases the breakdown would be

Product purchase only clients - simple card (or an electronic message using todays standards)
Product purchase plus support clients - personalized card, hand written by their account exec, and possible a small gift (tin of cookies, other food gift basket, etc)
Clients who are also resellers - personalized card from company exec with nice gift.

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