... and yes, I'm more than old enough to have heard those lyrics when they were first wailed by old Mick himself. I am primarily interested in accessible (W3C WAI, Section 508, Gov't of Canada CLF) design, having been involved in those standardization efforts since the mid 90s. As a Web programmer I am most comfortable with ASP and VB and their ilk, but I dabble in PHP and whatever else gets the job done. Now that AJAX (etc.) is becoming accessible through WAI-ARIA techniques, I'm having to rethink my "server-side only" credo. Since I learned to program with FORTRAN IV and BASIC sometime in the previous century, I appreciate having access to Daniweb where I can more easily get help unlearning my deeply ingrained linear programming habits.


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My goodness, you sound almost as old as me! I'm another throwback (or dinosaur) who learned far too many assemblers (anyone remember Naked Mini, Singer System 10 or MTS7500?) before "advancing" onto VB (versions 2 to 6) by way of several dialects of Cobol, Basic and a variety of system builders. Ended my developing career ten years back doing Siebel/Oracle DB stuff. After a long gap I'm getting interested in computers again, hence joining the forum

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