I am using :
appache 2.2.11
php :5.3.0
MySql 5.1.36

The problem is that I am there are some script not working nether on IE8 nor on firefox 4 in offline

But these scripts are working fine on IE 8 using online !!

And these scripts work offline on other pcs ?!!! :O

so I think it is related to wamp (config.php) or php extension or php.ini

What kind of scripts are you talking about? You're posting in Javascript, but talking about PHP.

I didn't know if it related to javascript or php :P I'll continue here..

<script  language="javascript">
function showSelectDate()
<?php header('loaction:index.php');?>
else if(document.getElementById('deadline').checked==false)
       <td >
          <input type="checkbox"  id="deadline" name="deadline"
              value="1" onclick="showSelectDate();">
  <td width="13%" class="admintable_dark"><div align="left">Deadline Date:</div></td>
            <td  colspan="4" class="admintable_light"><input type="text"  id="deadDate" name="deadDate" class="textd" readonly value="<?=$date?>">
				  src="../../../common/images/datePicker.gif" border=0></a></td>

IMPORTANT: remove line 7 <?php header('loaction:index.php');?>