I need to make my textarea html compatible... just like a visual editor, where i can embed html tags like <img>, <a href>....

is there any way to do this with html coding ???

Not sure what you are asking, can you clarify a bit more? Any text file saved as filename.html should do the trick?

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Hi Kraai,
thanks for the response and sorry about my english...
Well i just want to make my textarea html compatible...
Like if i am using <b>My Name</b>.
It doesn't make my name Bold... rather than it display it as it is....
HTML is ignored by textbox...

So, can you begin by telling us what text box you are refering to? Is it like a text box on an existing website like the one I am typing in now? If so, give url to the site, or paste your code here.

<textarea name="text" rows=20 cols=70></textarea>

In a text box like that the contents are interpreted as text only; HTML markup is ignored. Depending on the type of input form and coding like php or other, you can allow html in the text box by coding it like that, but if you are going to use this on line, it is not reccommended at all, as it gives hackers a backdoor to insert malicious code into your datanase.

there is a plugin, bbcode, that you may be able to install and use, it is the one used on this site that allows bold underline color and the [code=language] syntax highlighting [/code] that makes the site easier to read

I think that you want is a javascript wysiwyg html editor, such as TinyMCE. (You can also make it produce BBCode, if you want, instead of HTML).

bbcode is better than allowing html, an interestingly crafted entry, and your site goes fubar, uscwap
the plugin used to do it, comes to which is easier to install and use

* f_cked up beyond all recognition
* up sh_t creek without a paddle

TinyMCE is not the same as allowing HTML. You can't post anything "interesting" with it.

geez bloke I was agreeing with you, well at least I intended to be agreeing with you,

the plugin used to do it, comes to which is easier to install and use

Don't use a textarea tag to apply use formatting, use a div tag with contenteditable in it.

<div contenteditable style="background:#98bf21;height:700px;width:100%;position:relative">
<b> Bold </b>

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