Hey, My name's Akhil... I am a grade 11 student in Canada (16 year old). I came to Canada a year ago. Before that I was in Dubai for 10 years.
I've been interested in computers since the age of 4. I used to love typing (random stuff of course) when ever my dad gave me the chance.

I've been in love with programming since grade 5 (First language ever learned and perfected: q basic) Since then i have been dreaming of being the best.

I came across this forum recently when I was suffering from a writer's block in Java. Found it helpful and filled with enthusiasts like me so I decided to join. I hope i can make new friends here.

All in all. Im here to have fun.

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Hi all,
I too am new and found this community looking for some solutions.
I studied programming around 8 years ago, but since left the career behind to pursue acting. Now I find myself doing a little software engineering on the side to support my acting (it doesn't pay so well... if at all) Anyway, I'm VERY rusty, and will I'm sure have lots of stupid questions about some very basic stuff until I get myself back on track.


Hi new guy! i'm the new girl lol Nice to meet you!

XD a pleasure to meet you. I would LOVE to know more about you.

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