Does anyone have any Idea what this could be? First it started running rough and I found a couple bad Spark plug wires ok fixed ran great. Then on the interstate one night it started cutting out and backfiring losing all power and then when I finally got you town it just died and would not start till the next morning. then just got progressively worst. I thought it was the Fuel pump so I put a new pump and Filter on it and Bam it was running great. then I took it up on the interstate to see how she would run at high speeds and it started cutting out again and missing severely. Now when it's in Idle it surges up to 2000 rpm's and then it will drop down to normal then surge again and fluctuate there for a few min then drop back down and die. Act's like it's vapor locking it was actually getting somewhat warm over the 200 mark at least when I shut it off. I have no clue what's wrong with it.... I'm at a loss here and I'm not sure what to do....Any in site is helpful please.

Have you ran feul injector cleaner though the fuel tank to clean injectors?
I had a similar problem with my 96 Firebird. Ran injector cleaner though the fuel tank and problem cleared up.

Check fuel filter,fuel filler cap for proper venting thru evap reclaim sys & fuel pressure regulator at fuel rail or throttle body.How long since full tune up? no such thing as 100,000 mi tune up interval that is a PR myth.Later---

We put on a new Fuel filter and all that when we did the Fuel Pump. But today we are going to tackle the Ignition Control Module. I hope this works I'm running out of Ideas I even replaced the Fuel relay. But thanks for the feed back and I will let you know if it works or not....

check the ignition coils, hopefully u dont have a gasket problem. check to see if you have a small oil leak this could be an indicator that you have a bad gasket as the oil will eat at the gasket if in seeps into the block

Well I found the problem. It has a busted fuel line and I never saw it till today when I was putting on the New Ignition Module. Now my Question to this is....Can I splice into that and replace where it's broken???it look's like who ever had it before has done that with one of the other lines but I want to make sure that it's going to be safe like that....Or will I have to replace the Whole line. And if I do does anyone know how long they are????

Yes you can splice the line. They have some nice fittings that you don't even need to flare the end it will do it for you when you tighten the fitting.

even thought the lines are plastic???? One guy I know said I had to replace the whole thing...Cause the lives are injector lines....

This would be great if I can splice that line save a ton of money....
But I just want to make sure....

Sorry I thought you were talking about metal fuel lines. Plastic ones as far as I know have to be entirely replaced.

Yeah thats ok I will just go to a junk yard and get them then.....
Thanks for all the feed back :)