Note: Sorry, I didn't realize this forum existed, so I'm reposting this topic from Troubleshooting Dead Computers thread. Maybe I'll have better luck with help here :).

I just got a new Overdrive PC less than 24 hours ago.

The PC has a Core2 Duo E6700 processor, an XFX 7950 GX2 1GB ram graphics card (two DVI ports), and a 22" LCD Viewsonic monitor with built-in speakers, a DVI port, and an Analog port.

I follwed the set-up instructions very closely. When everything was hooked up, and I powered up the PC, no picture displyed on the monitor (both the PC and the monitor were turned on, of course). After a couple of tries, FINALLY, a picture displayed on the screen. I had no problems, All of the software I was supposed to install was already installed, and I could install games and play them. But I needed to restart the computer then. and then a couple more times. I didn't have any trouble getting a picture to appear on the screen after restarting/shutting down. The picture looked simply fantastic. I played F.E.A.R., GRAW, Battlefield 2, and Oblivion all at maxed out settings, at highest resolution with no problems. It seems that once I get past startup, and the monitor gets a signal, I don't have any problems.

I thought it would be best to shut my computer down after I was done. BIG MISTAKE...

The next morning I am having no luck with getting a picture to appear on the screen, after several attempts at restarting the computer. It's saturday (no tech support for the weekend, so I'm pretty much barred from my new PC!). I hadn't changed anything either. I've tried hooking up just the DVI, just the Analog, and both of them. Nothing works! I tried using a CRT monitor with analog and still, no signal. My PC just decided to give up on me... Does it matter if I have my monitor plugged in a protected circuit or not? I thought that was only the PC.

It seems like the PC runs just fine, it starts up normally and shuts down normally. It's just that the monitor won't get a signal! I've tested it on another computer and it works just fine.

I've never been so frustrated in my life. Any help would be much appreciated.

Edit: Oh and, also, the monitor plays no sounds when I start up or shut down the computer.

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Sounds like a video card problem,especially if the monitor starts with another system.

If it were a driver issue you're monitor would show the load screen and blank when you hit windows so it isn't that.

Do you have an integrated video card as well as you're 3d card?

If so hook the monitor up to the extra vga port,it may be just visible behind a blank on the IO shield.If it works in the second port you need a new video card or perhaps it's just loose and needs reseating.

If you don't have integrated video you need to seriously ask yourself if you feel confident enough to open the case and take a look at the video card?

If not I'd have to recommend waiting for tech support,who will probably ask you to do the same but at least if you break something whilst talking to them,they have to replace the component.

My computer lacks an intergrated graphics card.

I've already removed the case door to look inside (which I believe I was meant to do, becaues inside the case door there was a miniture LED flash light with a AAA battery inside of it :D). Though, all I did was take a look around, then gently nudge the graphics card on the edges to be sure it was firmly seated. It was firmly seated. I then turned on the PC to check if everything was running. All the fans, including the graphics card fans were running. I didn't want to do anything more. I'll just wait until Monday for tech support.

I think you're best off once it's in warranty.

Sounds like your monitor settings could be out-of-range. Just reset the resolutions to its native state. Use "Safe mode" to reset the monitor.

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