How much RAM do you have in your 1000Mhz machene??

Its all RAM...The more you have the better performance of things

What OS is on there? (And what OS is on your 20Mhz machene also)

I have one 20mhz, 8mb RAM and one 50mhz 12mb RAM computer - both run windows 3.11 (With

i have a 20mhz 8mb ram and a 50mhz 12mb ram computer - One runs 3.11 and the other runs NT 3.51. They both have IE5 and windows networking and i can play cds etc.. through my creative soundblaster (the origianal one circa 1994)

perfect systems never crashed ever unless you use wierd 3rd party drivers etc...

I can also play civ2, chess, minesweeper etc... as i have the ms entertainment pack for it. They also have office, cinemania and encarta circa 1994

And smartsuite 93 (millenium bug tho)

How come on my 20mhz pc i can watch a video (yes, an avi file off a floppy disk!) , listen to music with creatives software, surf the net, do excel and play civilization II when my 1ghz machine barely runs office 2003

There so old cpus there not amd or intel thats for sure they dont even need cpu fans, just a heatsink like the sise of a CF card. They say "MS WINDOWS COMPATIBE 486DX" and i think there by cyrix or something

Ah i see :)

15 years ago (sigh, has it been THAT long?) when we used IE2 (or Netscape 2 more often) you'd not have encountered sites using XHTML, Flash, Javascript (certainly nothing like now), CSS, PNG, Java applets, ActiveX controls.

Guess what IE6 couldn't handle 24-bit alpha transparency PNGs!

I thought netscape was far more popular then, but what do I know I was about 3 years old.

looks like they have gone back to the stone age. I think I will stick with mozilla firefox...

you know "they" haven't gone back anywhere right? it was just electorhead playing about.

ahhh, a time when i hadn't heard of computers..

Here's one for you. remember the TI8080 microprocessor? The year was 1977 and we were using a telitype for printouts.:)

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