I have a four year degree in chemistry.

Now I want to become a computer programmer.

I'm willing to go back to school for a year or two.

For an entry level programmer at this point in time, what's the approximate starting salary if I had an associate's degree in computer science? How about if I had a master's degree?

In case it matters, I'm in the Northeast.

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not much. Even with a degree you still have to start at the bottom (very junior programmer, it helpdesk etc....) - employers look most importantly on the job experience.

A programmer might have to start at the help desk? You've heard what you consider to be reliable reports of this?


I have a bachelor in Embedded systems engineering. I don't know anyone from my class that had to start with a helpdesk, but the situation might be different here in the Netherlands.
The start salary here is between 1800 euro (1500 pound/2300 usd) and 2100 euro (1750 pound/2700 usd), but that's without subtracting income tax.
It also may vary alot between countries.

>The start salary here is between 1800 euro (1500 pound/
>2300 usd) and 2100 euro (1750 pound/2700 usd), but that's
>without subtracting income tax.

That's per month, right?

That's per month, right?

No, per hour. I'm a gazillionair. :icon_rolleyes:

But serious: yes, per month...

in the UK university graduates withan amazing employer like IBM start on like 25,000 a year. thats extremely unusual(and theres no way youll get an job at ibm , they get like 10,000 applications for like one job)

Small software houses can offer as low as £12,000 - £17,000 for a junior programmer

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