hi everyone i am now getting into computer repairs,and i need some help.
i recently try loading a program on one of my computers ,and i mess up,now it won't load,everytime i retry.
but it loaded on a different computer without any problems,i suspect there is something in the registry that is stopping it,can anyone assist me in how to clean any trace of that program from the registry,
i tried a program called revo uninstaller but it did not work ,,thanks

hey adeqmain

Im no expert in system instillation and i think more details might help (like what specifically are you trying to install? (program, update, system??) aslo if you could tell us what specifically happened when you first tried to install and what happenes when you try now)

but if you have it working on a different computer and your sure its something you've done wrong (and not some difference in the systems) then I'd suggest you simply try backing up any data you want to keep and reformatting your system (start over) then you should be able to install just like you did with the other computer

hope this helps

Download CCleaner from Piriform (free download) and clean the registry. If will remove the references to half installed applications. It also has an option to uninstall applications that may list the file even if it does not show in Add Remove PRograms.