I am in a class Management Information Systems and I have an assignment that I need some guidance on. Can you help. I am a computer idiot.
Here's the


You have been contacted by Becca, the owner of a local coffee house, who is interested in offering Internet access to her customers. The coffee house has an area of 400 square feet, consists of two rooms and a coffee bar, and is already wired for phone service but not for cable. Becca would like to offer five computer stations, where customers may browse the Internet and access email. In addition, she would also like to offer wireless Internet access for the customers at the coffee shop. An area along the north wall of the coffee house has been set aside for the five computer stations, and since this is a very popular local hangout, it is expected that the computers, as well as the wireless connections, would be in constant use. She is working with a tight budget, so she would like you to recommend a quality setup that is only as expensive as need be to meet her customers’ needs. You may search online for supplemental information on cost, usability, and functionality of components to help you complete this CheckPoint

Which type of system will you recommend: terminal-to host, file server, or client/server?

Explain which protocol and network switching device(s) you would use for the five computers on the LAN and for the wireless access?

In regards to cabling, which media type will be best suited for this project?

What telecommunications device should the coffee house purchase?

Which Internet service type would suit Becca’s customers best?

Please help

You need to make an attempt at the solution before we can offer assistance. What have you got so far?

After reading my text it seems that the system I would use is a client/server connection. It has multiple servers. Whether this is the most cost effective I am not sure.
The common communication protocol I think wouold work is the IEEE802.3 Ethernet for the 5 computers and a IEEE 80101b ( WI-Fi) for the wireless access.
The network switching device I would use is a router.
Cabling- I chose coaxial cable
Telecommunications- I have little experience with anything other than a modem, which sees the logical choice.
Internet service- I would use an ISP - it has a monthly fee that is set. I also thought about a LAN server but is the cost alot more?
That's what I have so far...
These choices are listed in my text.

First, lets contract the local phone company and see if they offer DSL service in that area, if so, they are the ones to wire the shop for DSl. Then you would need to run a cat 5 cable to each computer stationfrom a router. Then you would need a wireless hooked to that wired router for the wireless stations. Now you go do the rest. I will give you one more hint, fine out what speeds the phone company offers in DSL service.

One more thing, if the phone company offers DSL service see if they also have their own ISP. Embarq has recently began their own ISP service which is included in their DSL charge.

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