I'm trying to find some VM software that can access more than 256mb of the video card. Parallels tops out at 256mb. It won't let you access more than that.

The machine I intend to run this on will be an 8core mac pro workstation desktop with 8gigs of RAM or more and a terabyte HD. This will be for doing 3d rendering, not to create images, but to create models that I can send to a 3d printer or CNC mill.

The problem is I already own the 3d rendering software and it is for Windows, and I am soooo done with windows, so i want to minimize my dependence on it.

If I can find a VM that can access as much as 1gig of a video card, I would probably have a second video card installed in the machine. I am willing to settle for 512 mb of usage.

Does such a VM exist? I haven't heard anything conclusive about VMware or WINE or anything else. VMware, Parallels, and WINE's customer support desk don't answer emails apparently.

Thanks for your help!

It's another VM that runs on Macs, and can host windows.

I don't know about the specs though, that is something you would need to look into.

On the plus side, it's open source, so you might be able to arrange your own custom hack on the video side.

have you tried VM fusion?

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