Hey all. John here. Just signed up today. I am in Mesa, Arizona, 31 years old, engaged, three dogs, and I play in a Rock band. My favorite bands are Guided by Voices, The Who, Old REM, Treepeople, and may more. I am pleased to meet you all.

This looks like a great place to find people who know things. ;)

Here is the skinny. I have an idea, and an investor, but I am not a web developer, so I need some help.

I want to create a website similar to myspace or other "networking" sites. Each user has to log on, they have thier own email, instant messaging, picture hosting, home page, etc...

It gets a bit more complex after that.
Does anyone know what is required to make this kind of site? What kind of programming? I have no idea who to talk to. Do I need my own servers to handle the traffic? Can you outsource this? What kind of maintenace is needed for a site like this? Security? Any help would be much appreciated to get me going in the right direction. Thanks everyone!

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