I’ve become a member here just about five minutes ago and honestly I can feel I’ll get a great help from you, and that what I hope.
I’m on my final year in School of Math. Department Computer Sciences,
And I’m really in need of a graduation project proposal. I’ve very well experiences with Java, and a very powerful mathematical background, I’m looking for a new brilliant ideas also should be needed in the market those days.
I need help, and if you can help me, I’ll be very appreciated to this huge favor.

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How about a graphing app? Enter an equation and the app graphs it!

I also thought about it, and it’s really a nice idea and more important I can find my self on that, but I also want to make a great NEW achievement, and on that branch (Graph) there is so many great achievements,
Thank you so much
You know I’m very happy and appreciated to this reply, if you can get me another ideas it’ll be great.
Maybe something about information security
Thank you again

security + math : maybe you can look something in algorithms, cipher for encryption, cipher tools

don't know how familiar you are with it
but AI is getting a lot of attention recently
also a very desirable resume piece

it doesn't have to be something that you may tipically think of

but there is a heavy demand for AI in simple interactions between software / hardware and end user

also a semi logical data mining

would definetly be a good project for java

if that sounds interesting i should be able to come up with an actual example of this

Ooh Thank you sooo much, how wonderful you are :)

The idea of cipher tool is pretty good and definitely I’ll be taking it very seriously, and if you excuse me I’ll ask you if I need any help, if you don't mind ! :o

About the AI, I’ve been studying a wonderful course about it and I like it very much, but my imagination is very limited on this field, so can you get me more details about your suggestion?

Thank you so much both of you, your favor is absolutely unforgettable

If you do an encryption type program, you'll probably spend more time reading up on it than writing code...So you might not have much to show for your work. Once you figure out the basics there's really not much code involved unless you do some really advanced encryption scheme, which most cannot do.

You said that you had a powerful mathmatical background. Why not show that off? Come up with some tool that will solve equations of any form(very tuff). Or a tool that will aid in learning(teachers love this stuff, trust me).

Try to do something that guaratees that you will have something interesting to show. I wanted to do a webcrawler as my end of the year project and ended up studying about the stupid thing more than working on it. I didn't have hardly anything to show because it was so crappy, and wrote several other applications to make up for it.

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