I want to have a script that will display a 'word of the day' or a 'quote of the day' or an 'image of the day'. I'm going to use it in a vBulletin message board - for example in a 'movies' section, it will display a random title of a movie every day, and then that movie is the movie of the day for discussion - and in a cooking section, display a word, a fruit or vegetable or something, and that will be the 'food of the day' to discuss.

Does anyone know of a php program that's free, or low cost, that could do this? And have you used it yourself, and do you think it woudl work with a vbulletin?

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I didn't find one at vb.org - I even asked about someone making one, and that's when someone told me there were already free php scripts out there that would do it, but they didnt have any to recommend.. LOL

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