Hai Everybody..
I am Bharath doing B.E.Comp.Sci...
U all may know abt wireless communications..
In this type communications,while sending an image from one place to another,image is not retrieved correctly in the receiver side.It may be received with some image blocks missing due to transmission noise.(Eg.MMS from one mobile to another,satellite photo transmission)
So to avoid that missing block,retransmission is required..
But nowadays,we eliminates retransmission,since it requires more time and again causing same problem..
So,In the receiver side itself,we build a program as follows..
1.receive the image..
2.find the missing blocks in image.
3.classify the image blocks into texture or structure..(Texture synthesis)
4.Then we fill-in missing blocks using IMAGE INPAINTING TECHNIQUE..(Before we use Packetization technique,now we use image inpainting technique)

And my question is whether anybody know details about this,pls discuss with me..
Also send me any other technique possible to fill-in missing blocks....

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