I'm new to the code blocks ide. How exactly do i change the colours within the code window? Also how do i make code blocks portable as i use it on a number of different computers.

any help would be much appreciated >_<

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Firstly this question is situated in the wrong forum, it should be under hardware and software.
to answer your question, the colours in the editor can be changed. Firstly download the attached config file.
int your codeblocks intallation directory select and open the cb_share_config. Under source configuration select the downloaded
config file and on the destination select the code blocks default.conf. Now select the 'editor colors' now 'tranfer' it over to your defualt.conf
Now save it.....Done.
open code blocks and try out the different themes( settings >> Editor..>> Syntax Highlighting >> color theme )

Now to the second question. Code blocks can be made portable very easily, although i think it can only be done with SVN builds.
If you havent already i would highly recommend downlaoding the latest nighly build
Now once youve unpacked it place your complier in the same directory...
create a new batch file and place the following inside:

set APPDATA=%~dp0settings
mkdir %APPDATA%
START /D"%~dp0" codeblocks.exe %*

the batch file will insure that all the settings and config files are stored in the same directory as Code Blocks.

Code blocks should now be portable. if you need any help feel free to drop me a line.

commented: He explained in full exactly how to sir-come the dilemma +0


I find CodeBlocks a bit too unstable and generally lacking a lot.

Have you tried NetBeans? It is an IDE that supports several programming languages - All I do is basically programming, and I've tried many IDE's - I really like NetBeans as the best IDE. It both available for Windows and my Linux<3. I use it for Java, C++, C, Ruby (on Rails), PHP, HTML, CSS and more.

I'd say give it a try, you might just be wasting time in CodeBlocks :)

And hey people, no flame war here, I'm not ragging down on CodeBlocks, just suggestion him to try NetBeans as it is in my opinion and personal preference better.

Thank you for the quick response. Thanks ICE Man code blocks is now portable. Also those themes are very nice. The colours themselves contrast each other very well.
also 'Excizted' i might have to take a gander at net beans....The reason i am using code blocks is because i am currently learning c++ from a book. All the examples in the book have been done in code blocks.

i shall put the thread to solved; again thank you so much 'ICE Man'

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