So, in an effort to reach out more to the community, I've decided it would be a good idea to invite anyone and everyone who wants to come to the DaniWeb office on a regular basis.

We went and put together a DaniWeb meetup group from 6pm - 8pm on the second Wednesday of each month, here in the DaniWeb office. Just as an opportunity to reach out to DaniWeb members in the surrounding area, in a laid back fun pizza-party type of way.

Anyone who wants to come, please RSVP at:

Like I said, based on how the first one goes, I'd really like to do this regularly. There aren't really that many techie / programmer meetups here on Long Island, so I thought why not start my own!

looking forward to our first :D

I'll keep it in mind and see if I can create some spare time next time I'm in the states.

The other thread says "the second Wednesday of every month.", which one is right?

OMG thanks for the catch! It's the second Wednesday of the month!! Went ahead and fixed that.

That is a great idea! It is not that easy for me to come since I have to take public transportation from Philadelphia. I do not own a car. I have been waiting to read about your interview with Steve Wozniak. Where is it?


would love to come but London is a bit of a walk! Reminds me of the old days; Gates; Motel Rooms; Cold Pizza and Mr Norton; we did it over here; meeting up that is.

Is it only 25 years ago this all kicked off; time somebody over there sat down and wrote the history of this

Speaking of history, we're screening "The Pirates of Silicon Valley" tonight at the meetup. It's not super accurate or the entire history but it is an important and fun chunk of it.

Was an interesting meet up. I always like meeting new people and I look forward to future meetings

thanks for coming jayreis, was nice to meet you.