Anyone following the Ryder cup?

Europe ahead by one point (4-3) hoo hoo!!!

Sorry USA.

Whats up with the weather though, you need a boat to get around!

Good luck to both teams though. I'm supporting Europe and Monty.

Seems like the USA has creped up and is now in the lead. No golfers out there?

Seems they will lead 2-1 in an hours time.

I predict they will all get wet. Very wet...

They already got wet yesterday, BADLY!!!

Today looks fine though.

They already got wet yesterday, BADLY!!!

I always find it easier to predict stuff that has already happened.

yes, hindsight = 2020vision
tomorrow, lets put our glasses on, i predict sportsmen needing wins.great stuff!!

I don't follow golf -- afterall its no more a sport than computer programming or brain surgery. Anyone can play golf, whether sober or intoxicated; as long as your not passed out you can play the game.

Anyone can play golf, but why would anyone want to? Good walk spoiled, and all that.

Now Rugby Union and Mixed Martial Arts, those are sports. I'm thinking of inventing a new sport which combines both, that would kick ass - literally.

I agree. I don't recall ever seeing a drunk Ninga or a boozed-out rugby team play :)

Of course, now that Europe have won the Ryder Cup, can I just say what a wonderful game golf is and how I have always loved it so...

And so it goes....

Well done Europe!!!

Golf is like coding, you are entirely up against yourself and your own abilities. If you *&^(% up, you are the only one to blame.

Oh yeah, not to mention the 19th hole, best hole on a course.

I agree. I don't recall ever seeing a drunk Ninga or a boozed-out rugby team play :)

Drunken MMA fighters taking on hungover ruby teams could be the future. I know I'd pay to see it.

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Well done Europe (am a bit late I know). The rain was hilarious - it always rains like that at this time of year - well nearly every day to be honest. We Welshmen are born with gills, much like tadpoles! Well done Newport - looked nice on TV - good job they didn't show the city centre though. If you want to see what it's really like:

Newport (Ymerodraeth State of Mind) - one surviving version following EMI's decision to ban it.