I'm new :) I've copied this template from the now closed thread on Daniweb.

Name - Erslich or M (I was born with neither, but that's what I get called :) )
Nickname - Erslich
Height - 6' 5
Weight - 94kgish
Hair - Brown and retreating...
Eyes - Brown
Location - UK
Age - 20

Hobbies - University, Java ME Coding, Mod Making and Gaming

Relationship Status - In a relationship

Fav Music - Metal, Rock, Folk, Country, Rap, Dance, Dub Step... Anything really :)

Education - Final year of Computing BSc

Favorite Movies - The Silence of the Lambs, Alien Trilogy, The Blind Side, Stargate

Favorite TV Shows - Stargate SG1/Atlantis (and I do watch Universe, even though it's not as good) Supernatural, Star Trek TOS & TNG, Leverage

Favorite Computer Games - Half-Life 2, Civilization 3 (well all of them, but 3 has the most fond memories), Zelda OOT, Fallout

Stuff I Dislike - Hypocrites, lies and Alcohol

That's me really, thought it might be nice to try and get involved in this community :)

I'm having a few issues with translating from Java to C#, so just have a look at my other postings if you think you can lend a hand!

- Erslich

It's a few days late but welcome to Daniweb.:)