My disc drive isn't working and I found this solution on this site http://www.vistaheads.com/forums/microsoft-public-windows-vista-hardware-devices/39472-code-10-19-dvd-drive-resolution.html#post168575 which was from http://www.vistaheads.com/forums/windows-vista-home-premium/88055-matshita-dvd-ram-uj-850s-ata-device.html. I would like to know if I was to apply this edit, it wont screw up my computer, as when the registry screws up, its very unlikely it'll be able to boot hence making my job of recovering my data and computer a lot harder.

Thankyou very much

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better u replace / take a working cd-rom/dvd- writer from ur friend for a few hours connect it to ur pc ... reboot ur m/c...

Insert a bootable image disc of windows/ bootable windows xp ans set up ur machine...
Now remove ur friends cdrom and reboot....

Again shut it down...

connect ur cdrom...

BOOOOOOOT....the m/c

I think it will work try it out...
and if u r looking for to learn registry details / programming ....
explore microsofts MSDN
I hope this will help u...


Since Rushix is lazily using the internet as if it is a cell phone being used for texting, I have difficulty comprehending her response. The answer to Elihu5991 is, yes, that is a legitimate registry entry.


@ Rushix - I can't get a spare drive from a friend adn I don't have a bootable xp disc. My pc is Vista

@ Joe Hepperle - So this edit wont screw up my pc? Instead, enhance it?


Elihu5991 - Yes that is correct. The registry edit you proposed will not screw up your computer. Your computer will boot up after making this change. The web link that you gave (at Vistaheads dot com) describes a three part process. First, uninstall the device in Device Manager. Next, apply the registry edit that they give on their page. Finally, restart your computer. The worst thing that could happen is that you might lose functionality in certain CD recording programs. If that happens, simply reinstall those programs. Please note that my answer here is not intended to be the 'fix' for your original problem. My answer here is a response to your inquiry as to whether or not the registry entry shown on the Vistaheads dot com website is 'legit' which I understand to mean 'safe'. It is 'legit' and it is safe. It will not screw up your PC. I don't know if it will 'enhance' it or not.

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