What sports do you play (the less common the better)
answer to self: ice hockey and target rifle

Korfball (though due to injuries not anymore)

Road cycling (It's not common where I am)

under water basket-weaving... j/k

tennis (not enough)
soccer (not enough)
cycling (not enough)

FIFA 10 (Xbox)
Forza Motorsport 3 (Xbox)
NBA Live '09 (Xbox - not enough)

Wii Sports (though i hate to admit it)

I play Futsal. It's big in Brasil, or so I hear, I've never been there.

I just love to play cricket and soccer, both are my favorite games.

I just like to play badminton and volleyball. :)

My favorite sport is Basketball.

Sadly, I haven't played a rel basketball game in a long while. I console myself with shooting hoops on arcade.

Tennis (nintendo wii)
F1 racing (Playstation 2)
Dog fighting (Tom clancy's HAWX on pc)

Dog fighting (Tom Clancy HAWX) it is !!!

I mostly like playing online games and PC games like Need 4 Speed and board games

Is that sports...? Those are games! I guess I am not wrong on that.

Rugby and Tennis :D Not unusual but hey...

yes, tennis.. used to play it 5 times a week..
i wish i had the time now :(

Five times a week?! I only play once for an hour each week...although in the summer I get 3 hours a week across 2 days.

Did you say HAWX on PC? You are on buddy!

Tennis (nintendo wii)
F1 racing (Playstation 2)
Dog fighting (Tom clancy's HAWX on pc)

Aussie Rules Football, Is the best sport in the world.

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My favorite sport is cricket and then it is basketball :)
I was school was awarded best sports player of the year :D

My favorite is rugby.

What position do you play acer07?
I play scrum-half for my school team :)

Hey SgtMe, you like rugby too? Thats really cool.

I have a lot of respect for you cause you got to be tough to play scum-half. I was just one of the locks. No, not Goldie 'Locks", the second row.

Excuse the pun, my humor is a bit warped. Luv playing game though.

Meh, I think lock is tougher really :)

I like boxing and gym.

I'd say I was good at boxing.

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Rugby (old creaking prop with one good season left in him, well next year maybe...)

I like the gym, but it doesn't like me. These days, I drink and eat for Wales. C'mon the gut!

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You didn't see the AEGON masters' tennis the other day did you, jimkarter1?
They had an exhibition match with some of the old legends of tennis and they were doing some amazing trick shots and other such funny things :D