Hello all, I am a fresher in BE computer science and i have no idea where in IT do i fit. The saying "jack of all and master of none" applies to me.

I never felt like this before and when i try to concentrate on one subject to a greater level i lose interest and hence try to stay away from it.

This happened to me while i joined for a training in Java/j2ee, i was able to understand the foundations of java and core java part and while i tried to lay my hands on the advanced topics in java(the frameworks and all) i found it difficult to understand and could not code one bit.I can handle programming to a certain level beyond that limit i find it hard to cope.

I've no idea where i'm heading in this field.
Should i change field? Is testing a better career choice?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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This is unfortunately the crux of development in any language. You will find the "Hard" parts, no matter where you decide to go. Rather stick it out with one subject, improve on that and the rest will seem to fall in place.

At least you are at the best site for help. When the going gets tough, we will help where possible...

Welcome to Daniweb.:)

Unfortunately Market position is not Good. Try to fit any where in IT field.

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