I think most of you out there are professional coders, and software engineers, etc...
For the older ones of you, I think the biggest challenge you all had was the space program. What do you all think will be the biggest challenges for my generation? By the way I'm 24 yrs old... Really just getting started on this whole career path thing. Your opinions would be greatly appreciated!

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As Ray Kurzweil puts it, GNR. Genetics, Nanotechnology, and Robotics. Go read his book, The Singularity is near, those summarize it pretty well.

Well said. The future seems to be GNR as above.Compare ten years ago to now, huge leaps and bounds...

Do that you to be pleasant. Professionals will always not suffice.

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Do you want to try that again, this time with a touch of making sense thrown in?

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oh yes) - the real professionals don't happen a lot)) so clear?)

I still don't get what you are saying.

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0k. attempt number three (before that you hear the drum roll) -........and....-
there aren't too many professionals in any profession!

That's better, I get it now :)

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I'm glad that you liked it)

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