Hey star wars fans! Consider this a post dedicated to discussing this obessession. What got you into star wars? Do you remember the first time to saw anything related to SW (the movie, comics, book, artwork)?

I can't wait to get my copy of Star Wars Art: Visions
I'll post my comments once I get it...

Heard there's an up coming Star Wars 3-D movie!Not sure of which one,think it is a remake

yeah, rumors... not sure.

I got hooked when I saw Princess Lea as a slave of Jabba the Hut. LOL! But I'm not that old. It was just a movie rerun. Hehehe!

It was the LightSaber that did me in.

Anyway, I posted this before the halloween.

haha.. why couldn't you be a storm trooper? looked like a great costume.

So, I got the book and it is terrific. It is a must have for those who appreciate art and star wars. One of my favorite images is called "Jubba the Hutt: High School Reunion" by C. F. Payne - it is just too funny and ironic, check it out: